About the Laboratory

Chemistry Service Laboratory

The Chemistry service Laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Tabriz, is one of the leading chemical research service laboratories in the North west of Iran. This  Laboratory also has been named as the Nanochemistry Service Laboratory, is a member of the Iranian Scientific Laboratories Network. The main mission of the Laboratory is to provide research service for the  faculty members, graduate students (PhD and MSc students) of the Chemistry Faculty.

The Laboratory enjoys a very high quality scientific atmosphere regarding the high ranking faculty members as well as relatively advanced equipments. These factors give a very high ability and credibility to the Laboratory.

At the moment, laboratory comprised of three separate laboratories with area of more than 400 square meters. The Lab provides chemical analysis services in different fields for the academicians and industries, also enjoying the benefits of more than 40 chemistry faculty members, the Lab provides professional research services for the customers.

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