Physical Chemistry


Department of Physical Chemistry

Dr Hemayat Shekari



1) Physical Chemistry as a sub-division of former Chemistry Department, started its academic activities in 1966 and was established as a Department in 1991.


2) Presently, there are 5 full-time Chemists serving at the Department, 2 of whom are professors, 1 is associate professor, 1 is assistant professor and 1 is lecturer.


3) Physical Chemistry Department will continue to offer different courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Research work on the chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics will be the main areas of the Department. Recently, a new research program on the physical chemistry of ionic liquids has also been included.


4) Physical chemistry is the study of the physical principles that govern the properties and behavior of chemical systems. It establishes and develops the principles that are used to explain and interpret the observations made in the other branches of chemistry.




Laboratory Name

Current Research topics

Chemical Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics of aqueous polymer-salt phase systems in relation with bio-separation, physical chemistry of ionic liquids as clean solvents.



Surface finishing, corrosion and corrosion control, kinetic studies in electrochemical reactions, organic solar cells

Chemical Kinetics

Kinetics study of graft polymerization, degradation and stability of polymers. Phase transfer catalysis for unsaturated ketones.