Organic and Biochemistry


Department of Organic and Biochemistry

Head of Department:
Dr Reza Najjar



1) Department of Organic and Biochemistry as a sub-division of former Chemistry Department, started its academic activities in 1966 and was established as a Department in 1991.


2) Presently, there are 6 full-time Chemists serving at the Department, 2 of whom are professors, 2 are associate professors and 2 are assistant professors.


3) Organic Chemistry Department will continue to offer different courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Research work on the polymer, Preparation and characterization of novel functional polymers with metal complexability, synthesis of block and graft copolymers, Photochemistry and synthesis of hetrocyclic and macrocyclic compounds. The synthesis and studying of some unusual reaction mechanisms of highly sterically crowded organosilicon compounds will be the main areas of the Department.


4) Organic chemistry is the study of structural and conformational features of different organic molecules of special interests with NMR, IR and MS techniques and new methodology in organic synthesis.




Laboratory Name

Current Research topics


Water soluble polymers, biodegradable polymers, electrically conducting polymers.


Polymer Chemistry

Olefin polymerization by metallocene catalysts, living radical polymerization.



Photochemistry of hetrocyclic and organic compounds.


Hetrocyclic and Macrocyclic



Synthesis of podands and macrocyclic compounds, possessing hetrocyclic subunit and calix[n]arenes, synthesis of various sulfonamides.


Organometallic research

Synthesis of highly sterically hindered organosilicon compounds, developing application of highly sterically hindered organosilicon group [(Me3Si)33-] in modification of Tg of some polymers.


Dendrimers and Synthetic

   Organic Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of organic molecules.