Inorganic Chemistry


Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Head of Department:

Dr Mahtab Pirouzmand



1) Inorganic Chemistry as a sub-division of former Chemistry Department, started its academic activities in 1966 and was established as a Department in 1991.


2) Presently, there are 5 full-time Chemists serving at the Department, 2 of whom are associate professors and 3 are assistant professors.


3) Education and lecture in B.Sc., education and research in M.Sc., research in Ph.D., Participations in Proposal between universities, industerial projects.


4) Inorganic chemistry is in the center part of theoretical and structural chemistry.




Laboratory Name

Current Research topics

Solid State Chemistry

Synthesis and preparation of ceramics, glasses and inorganic polymers.


Catalyst Chemistry



Synthesis of industerial catalysts.


Coordination Chemistry

Schiff-base complexes.


Macrocycle Chemistry

Synthesis and characterization of different macrocyclic compounds and their complexes with transition metals.


Calixarene Inorganic Chemistry    and Computational Chemistry

Synthesis of Calixarene transition metal complexes, different computational methods.