Analytical Chemistry


Department of Analytical Chemistry

Head of Department:
Dr Karim Asadpour-Zeynali



1) Analytical Chemistry as a sub-division of the former Chemistry Department of the University started its academic activities in 1966 and was established as a Department in 1991.


2) Presently, there are 7 full-time Chemists serving at the Department, 4 of whom are professors, 1 is associate professor, 1 is assistant professor and 1 is lecturer.


3) Analytical Chemistry Department will continue to offer different courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Research work on the electroanalytical chemistry, analytical spectroscopy, chromatography and separation and micrototal analysis systems will be the main areas of the Department.



4) Analytical chemistry is the study of the aqueous solutions, non-aqueous solution, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, separation and analysis systems.





Laboratory Name

Current Research topics

Electroanalytical Chemistry

In aqueous solution, in non-aqueous solution, modified electrodes, pharmaceutical analysis.


Analytical Spectroscopy

Spectrophotometry, atomic absorption and emission spectrometry, spectroflourimetry, speciation and trace analysis, electrochemical sensors.


Chromatography and Separation


HPLC (high performance  hromatography), GC (gas chromatography), SPME (solid phase micro-extraction), MSPME (micro solid phase micro-extraction), GC-Mass (gas chromatography – Mass spectroscopy).


Micrototal Analysis Systems

Integrated chemistry lab.